We want to dedicate this book to, men, women, and couples to help them achieve their highest potential as romantic partners for life. We pray that you find the long-awaited happiness that you seek.

We want to share with you our thoughts, and experiences of what land mines to avoid in your personal relationships so you achieve harmony. We went through a lot of trials and errors in order to finally understand the formula to experience true intimacy that brought mutual happiness.

Our book provides useful advice that you can apply on a daily basis. We hope that these tools will help you to confront and conquer life’s trials. 

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Learn how to avoid land mines that prevent you from achieving lifelong harmony in your personal relationships. We help you understand the formula for experiencing true intimacy and mutual happiness.


You will learn practical tips you can apply on a daily basis. These tools will help you confront and conquer life’s relationship trials. Contact us to learn more.